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Hi there! I am a little sparrow called Sparrou and I'll help you discover and learn about the natural world in the most fun way: By playing!


Have fun and learn by playing these visual and auditory games!

Games with Birds

Games to learn to identify birds

Games with birds!

Games with Amphibians

Games to learn to identify amphibians

Games with amphibians!

Games with Reptiles

Games to learn to identify reptiles

Games with reptiles!

Games with Mammals New!

Games to learn to identify mammals

Games with mammals!


Consult, learn and play with lists of species categorized in different ways! You can too create your own groups to customize the games with the species that spark your passion. The sky's the limit!

Groups with Birds

Groups of birds organized by different characteristics

Groups with birds!

Groups with Amphibians

Groups of amphibians organized by different characteristics

Groups with amphibians!

Groups with Reptiles

Groups of reptiles organized by different characteristics

Groups with reptiles!

Groups with Mammals New!

Groups of mammals organized by different characteristics

Groups with mammals!


Increase your position in the rankings of your region as you enter in your observation diary all the species of birds, amphibians and reptiles that you see, photograph and listen to (look for the icon in the groups and in the sheets of each species)

Start your diary here by adding our beloved house sparrow!

See my diary See the rankings


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In addition, the games Sparrou they need photographs and audios of each species of fauna and flora. So if you have photographic or sound material that you would like to contribute*, here you can see a list of photos and audios of each species (still a lot to cover):

Send photos or audio

* Each photograph and audio will always appear with the name and link of its author


This section solves all the doubts you may have when using this collaborative online platform for environmental disclosure for children and adults


If you have any questions, proposals or any topic you want to comment on, you can contact us by sending an email to info@sparrou.net or from the form in the contact section:

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