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Mixed practice

Cuckoos (or cuculids) that we can find in the Iberian Peninsula, known to parasitize the nests of other birds

Clamator glandarius

ESP Críalo europeo

ENG Great spotted cuckoo

CAT Cucut reial

GAL Cuco grallo

EUS Kuku mottoduna

AST Cuquiellu rial

FRA Coucou geai

POR Cuco-rabilongo

DEU Häherkuckuck

ITA Cuculo dal ciuffo

Photo by Aitor Garcia

Cuculus canorus

ESP Cuco común

ENG Common cuckoo

CAT Cucut comú

GAL Cuco común

EUS Kukua

AST Cuquiellu

FRA Coucou gris

POR Cuco-canoro

DEU Kuckuck

ITA Cuculo

Photo by Emilio Oliveros