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Visual practice

Stork species that can be seen and observed in Spain (Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands)

Ciconia ciconia

ESP Cigüeña blanca

ENG White stork

CAT Cigonya blanca

GAL Cegoña branca

EUS Amiamoko zuria

AST Cigoña

FRA Cigogne blanche

POR Cegonha-branca

DEU Weißstorch

ITA Cicogna bianca

Photo by Cristian Valls

Ciconia nigra

ESP Cigüeña negra

ENG Black stork

CAT Cigonya negra

GAL Cegoña negra

EUS Amiamoko beltza

AST Cigoña prieta

FRA Cigogne noire

POR Cegonha-preta

DEU Schwarzstorch

ITA Cicogna nera

Photo by Cristobal Crespo