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Guess who sings

Birds that can be seen in Getaria, in the province of Guipuzcoa (Basque Country)

You have guessed the correct option:

Song thrush (Turdus philomelos)

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Recorded by José Carlos Sires

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  • Dryobates minor ESP Pico menor ENG Lesser spotted woodpecker CAT Picot garser petit GAL Picapau pequeno EUS Okil txikia AST Piquetín FRA Pic épeichette POR Pica-pau-galego DEU Kleinspecht ITA Picchio rosso minore
  • Passer domesticus ESP Gorrión común ENG House sparrow CAT Pardal comú GAL Pardal EUS Etxe-txolarrea AST Gurrión FRA Moineau domestique POR Pardal-coméstico DEU Haussperling ITA Passera europea
  • Turdus philomelos ESP Zorzal común ENG Song thrush CAT Tord comú GAL Tordo común EUS Birigarro arrunta AST Malvís FRA Grive musicienne POR Tordo-comum DEU Singdrossel ITA Tordo bottaccio
  • Tyto alba ESP Lechuza común ENG Barn owl CAT Òliba comuna GAL Curuxa EUS Hontza zuria AST Curuxa FRA Effraie des clochers POR Coruja-das-torres DEU Schleiereule ITA Barbagianni comune
  • Chloris chloris ESP Verderón común ENG European greenfinch CAT Verdum GAL Verderolo EUS Txorru arrunta AST Verderón FRA Verdier d'Europe POR Verdilhão DEU Grünfink ITA Verdone comune