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Guess who sings

Swallows that we can find in the Iberian Peninsula. Let the mosquitoes tremble!

You have guessed the correct option:

Red-rumped swallow (Cecropis daurica)

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Listen to this audio first:

Recorded by Esperanza Poveda

What species is it? Click on the correct option!

  • Hirundo rustica ESP Golondrina común ENG Barn swallow CAT Oreneta comuna GAL Andoriña EUS Enara arrunta AST Andarina FRA Hirondelle rustique POR Andorinha-das-chaminés DEU Rauchschwalbe ITA Rondine comune
  • Cecropis daurica ESP Golondrina dáurica ENG Red-rumped swallow CAT Oreneta cua-rogenca GAL Andoriña dáurica EUS Enara ipurgorria AST Andarina arroxada FRA Hirondelle rousseline POR Andorinha-dáurica DEU Rötelschwalbe ITA Rondine rossiccia