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Guess who sings

All the amphibians and reptiles that can be seen in the Picos de Europa National Park, in northern Spain

You have guessed the correct option:

Iberian tree frog (Hyla molleri)

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Listen to this audio first:

Recorded by Ricardo Zaldivar

What species is it? Click on the correct option!

  • Bufo spinosus ESP Sapo común ibérico ENG Spiny toad CAT Gripau comú GAL Sapo común EUS Apo arrunt iberiarra FRA Crapaud épineux POR Sapo-comum DEU Mittelmeer-Erdkröte ITA Rospo comune occidentale
  • Hyla molleri ESP Ranita de San Antonio ENG Iberian tree frog CAT Reineta ibèrica GAL Rela FRA Rainette ibérique POR Rã-arborícola-europeia DEU Iberischer Laubfrosch ITA Ragnella iberica
  • Alytes obstetricans ESP Sapo partero común ENG Common midwife toad CAT Tòtil GAL Sapo parteiro común FRA Alyte accoucheur POR Sapo-parteiro-comum DEU Gemeine Geburtshelferkröte ITA Alite ostetrico