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Wall lizards that can be seen and found in the continental Iberian Peninsula

You have guessed the correct option:

Columbretes wall lizard (Podarcis liolepis)

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Photo by Cristian Valls

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  • Podarcis liolepis ESP Lagartija parda ENG Columbretes wall lizard CAT Sargantana bruna FRA Lézard catalan DEU Katalanische Maureidechse
  • Podarcis hispanicus ESP Lagartija ibérica ENG Iberian wall lizard CAT Sargantana ibèrica GAL Lagarta dos penedos EUS Iberiar sugandila POR Lagartixa-ibérica DEU Spanische Mauereidechse ITA Lucertola spagnola
  • Podarcis siculus ESP Lagartija italiana ENG Italian wall lizard CAT Sargantana italiana EUS Italiar sugandila FRA Lézard des ruines DEU Ruineneidechse ITA Lucertola campestre
  • Zootoca vivipara ESP Lagartija de turbera ENG Viviparous lizard CAT Sargantana vivípara GAL Lagarta das brañas EUS Sugandila bizierrulea FRA Lézard vivipare DEU Waldeidechse ITA Lucertola vivipara
  • Podarcis muralis ESP Lagartija roquera ENG Common wall lizard CAT Sargantana roquera GAL Lagarta dos muros EUS Horma-sugandila FRA Lézard des murailles POR Lagartixa dos muros DEU Maureidechse ITA Lucertola muraiola