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Summary List: Reptiles of Spain

To send photos or audio, indicate the name of the author (and optionally a link to the author's website) in the email along with the attached photos/audio. And add, if relevant, the sex, age or plumage of the specimen. Email: info@sparrou.net

84 reptiles with at least one photo and 0 reptiles with audio, out of a total of 85 reptiles. Your collaboration helps a lot!

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After reviewing the page, attach to this email your photos and/or audios about this species in order to appear in the games and everybody can easily identify this species. Keep reading and thanks in advance!

The photos must be in jpg, in square or horizontal format (better 4:3 than 16:9), with a minimum resolution of 800x600, the species must be large and clear, and if it contains a watermark it must be small and not be in the middle of the photo. The idea is to have a minimum of 4 or 5 photos of this species in Sparrou, with different positions, plumages, patterns and colorations, and appreciate the sexual differences between male, female and juvenile, if relevant.
Only photos of live animals, in freedom and without rings, are allowed.

And the audio must be in mp3, at 128kbps and with the cleanest sound possible and including different vocalizations or the most common sounds of this species.

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