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Add species to the Observation Diary! 📔

Publicado and February 15th 2022

El Observation Diary It is your personal space where you can consult all the species you have listened, seen and photographed.

To add them to your journal, in the groups you will see a button with a journal or notebook next to each listed species. If you press it, you can add that species to your observation log, and indicate if you have already heard, seen and/or photographed it. It is very simple!

And you can also add a personal note, for example to indicate when and where you saw that species, and thus return another day to take your best camera and photograph it better.

This feature of Sparrou it is also free and available to any registered user. So you will have a count of all the species you observe forever! I wish the great naturalists of the past had had a tool like this 😛