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Hello! I share the changes made in the last week. There are quite a few, but I will summarize them as much as possible:

List of improvements

  • All photos have been optimized Sparrou to see sharper images. The new format has also been applied web so that they weigh almost 50% less and, therefore, are loaded sooner. You will tell me! 😀
  • A help button (icon with a question mark) has been added to be able to read the rules of each game at any time. It has been like this: Sharper photos, help in every game and more! ()
  • This menu that appears in each game has been improved, adding a link to All the games and an overall design improvement. Now it looks like this: Sharper photos, help in every game and more! ()
  • Fixed issue where the copy button in share popups had stopped working. Design changes have also been made and compatibility with the Android app has been added. Web browsers change and you have to adapt, although they could notify you better so that things that worked before do not stop working.
  • The design in the listings of each group has been improved, especially for mobile devices. Subtleties but I like that everything is perfect 😛

Enjoy the changes, share and get ready for everything that is to come. And so you don't miss any detail, join the community below:

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