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I wish you a happy new year in this first update of 2023! ☺️ During these Christmas holidays, some more groups have been created so that you have a list to consult and practice with the games only with the species included in each group.

List with the Iberian thrush species

➡️ Thrushes of Spain

Lists of birds, reptiles and amphibians of various areas of Catalonia

➡️ Birds of the Sierra de Collserola

➡️ Amphibians of the Sierra de Collserola

➡️ Reptiles of the Serra de Collserola

➡️ Herpetofauna of the Serra de Collserola

➡️ Birds of Sabadell

➡️ Birds of prey of Catalonia

Lists of birds of Castilla y León by provinces

➡️ Birds of Avila

➡️ Birds of Burgos

➡️ Birds of Leon

➡️ Birds of salamanca

➡️ Birds of Segovia

➡️ Birds of Soria

➡️ Birds of Palencia

➡️ Birds of Valladolid

➡️ Birds of Zamora


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