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Play with Amphibians! 🐸

Publicado and February 26th 2022

It is now possible to play, consult and create groups with amphibians!

Amphibians belong to the Amphibia class, and are a lineage of vertebrate animals that are characterized by being born with gills and depending on an aquatic environment, until they reach adulthood and undergo a metamorphosis with which they develop pulmonary and cutaneous respiration, and they adopt a somewhat more terrestrial lifestyle but remain dependent on water, especially for reproduction.

Their diet is herbivorous in the larval state, and insectivorous in the adult state.

Have been added all the species of amphibians that exist today in Spain (Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands), including anurans (amphibians without tails) and urodeles (amphibians with tails).

➡️ Games with Amphibians

➡️ Groups with Amphibians

And remember that you can add the species of reptiles that you have managed to observe and photograph to your Observation Diary.

Will you manage to see many species to appear in the Classifications ?

Good luck on your field trips! 💪