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New lizard, name changes and new groups

Published on July 4, 2023

Major changes

  • A lizard that was previously considered a single species has been separated into 2 different species. Now we have the species  Guadarrama wall lizard (Podarcis guadarramae) and the species Lusitanian wall lizard (Podarcis lusitanicus)
  • The names of various lizards in other languages ​​have been added. You can check it here
  • Common Toad has been renamed (Bufo spinosus) in spanish to Sapo común ibérico
  • Fixed a bug where some answer was repeated in guess the answer games
  • Fixed a bug where the “message sent” page was not translated when submitting the contact form in some languages
  • Communities are being empowered Sparrou on Whatsapp and Telegram. Join us to learn even more about the natural world and learn about all the new things to come in Sparrou!

Recently, from the termcat Changes have been made to the names of some birds in Catalan, replacing the “vulgar” with “común”. And therefore, it has also been modified in Sparrou so that you always have all the updated information on the species. These are the changes made (only in the Catalan language):

New listings/groups

➡️ Pigeons from Spain

➡️ Doves of Spain

➡️ Birds of the Sierra de Cazorla

➡️ Mammals of the Sierra de Cazorla

➡️ Amphibians of the Sierra de Cazorla

➡️ Reptiles of the Sierra de Cazorla

➡️ Reptiles of the Sierra de Andújar

➡️ Bats of Malaga

➡️ Amphibians of the Basque Country

➡️ Reptiles of the Basque Country

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