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New marine mammal and call for help 🙏

Published on December 5th 2023

Major changes

  • A new species of marine mammal has been added since several records have been observed in Spain: Grey seal (click on the name to see photos and more information about this species).
  • More than 100 new photographs of mammals and birds have been added to expand the variety in the games. In addition, some species of cetaceans that did not have any photographs have been covered.
  • The objective is that each species available in Sparrou have at least one or two photographs, but many species of birds and mammals (especially bats) that do not have any photographs still need to be covered, so any possible help is appreciated. You can collaborate HERE.
  • IMPORTANT: Read the next paragraph, please ⬇️

🙏 Your help is needed!

Working together with Sparrou at no cost to you when you book your accommodation through Booking from this link: It's the easiest way to help me create more games and content without having to place advertising or paid content. This project is managed by a single person and some income is necessary to be able to dedicate all the time and affection possible to it. Thank you for your support! 💚

Other ways to help:

New listings/groups created

➡️ Most endangered birds of Spain

➡️ Birds of La Coruña

➡️ Birds of Pontevedra

➡️ Birds of Lugo

➡️ Birds of Ourense

➡️ Marine mammals of the Mediterranean

➡️ Marine mammals of Catalonia

➡️ Mammals of Galicia

➡️ Seals of Spain

➡️ Snakes of Andalusia

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Lastly, enjoy Sparrou and don't forget to share it in your circles to give away environmental education. Thank you for creating a more nature-conscious world! 💚

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