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🐸 New amphibians and fighting spam!

Published on April 2th 2024

Major changes

  • 2 new species of amphibians have been added with their names in different languages ​​and some photographs: Balearic green toad y Mallorcan midwife toad. In Spain these species can only be found in the Balearic Islands.
  • The total number of families and orders has been added to the title of each listing, to facilitate consultation for anyone who wants to know that number. For example in Bird orders of Spain now it is indicated that there are currently 26 orders, and in Bird families of Spain It is now indicated that there are currently 88 families.
  • Several names in German and Italian have been added for different species of birds and amphibians.
  • With the great increase in visits in recent weeks, more users who are bots and spam are registering every day, overloading the server and potentially causing security problems. I haven't found a viable free solution yet. I installed and configured a paid solution that worked perfectly but the trial period has expired... so I'm looking for another possible solution since I can't afford the $30/year, but it's complicated.
  • IMPORTANT: Read the next paragraph, please ⬇️

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New listings/groups created

➡️ Seabirds of Barcelona

➡️ Thrushes and blackbirds of Spain

➡️ Birds of the Salar de los Canos

➡️ Tailless amphibians from Spain

➡️ Tailless amphibians of the Iberian Peninsula

➡️ Amphibians of the Balearic Islands

➡️ Reptiles of the Balearic Islands

➡️ Amphibians of the Canary Islands

➡️ Amphibians of Extremadura

➡️ Reptiles of Extremadura

➡️ Mammals of Extremadura

➡️ Lizards of Catalonia

➡️ Wall lizards of Catalonia

➡️ Sea turtles of Catalonia

➡️ Bats of the Alcornocales National Park

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