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New groups of reptiles from Spain!

Publicado and March 14th 2022

You already have new groups of reptiles available with species that you can find in Spain (either in the Iberian Peninsula or in the Canary Islands). Enjoy them!

➡️ skinks of Spain

➡️ Skinks of the Iberian Peninsula

➡️ Canary Islands skinks

➡️ Gekkos from Spain

➡️ Gekkos of the Iberian Peninsula

➡️ Gekkos of the Canary Islands

➡️ Lizards of the Iberian Peninsula

Again, I remember that you can create your own groups with the species you want to play any game with only those species. You can even mix birds, reptiles, and amphibians to create groups with avifauna and herpetofauna from a specific location!