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🐾 Mammals are already here!

Published on May 30th 2023

¡Mammals have already arrived Sparrou!

After several months of work, 133 species of mammals that inhabit Spain (Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) in the wild have been compiled. They are already available in the groups/lists, in the games, in the observation log and in the 9 languages ​​in which it is available Sparrou. I summarize everything added:

  • Here you have the list with all the species of mammals in Spain, where to consult these species in different languages, as well as being able to play all the games with them. Don't forget to add them to your observation journal if you have sighted them in the field!
  • The section has been added Games with Mammals to the Games section so that you can enjoy learning about the animals closest to us with all the visual and auditory games. The default group to play is: Terrestrial mammals of Spain.
  • I have been able to collect photographs of more than 50 species, but your help is needed to have more (especially for rodents, bats and cetaceans). you can collaborate sending your material from here.
  • Listings have also been created for all orders y Every family of mammals that we can find in Spain.
  • have been added to the Rankings the leaderboards for nature lovers who have observed, seen and heard more mammals in Spain. If you want to appear in the table, all the more reason to record your observations of each species in your diary. I've already scored mine and I'm winning, for now 😎
  • Some mammals like the Stoat (Mustela erminea) they have a “winter coat” (in the style of “winter plumage” of birds). This detail has been added to the relevant photographs as you can see in their page along with other information of this kind.
  • An initial batch of various groups/listings have been compiled so that you can check out and play all the games with only the mammal species you want to learn about. Choose and enjoy! you can consult all groups here or one by one according to the following list:

New listings/groups of Mammals

➡️ Terrestrial mammals of Spain

➡️ Large land mammals of Spain

➡️ Terrestrial carnivores of Spain

➡️ Large terrestrial carnivores of Spain

➡️ Small terrestrial carnivores of Spain

➡️ Large terrestrial herbivores of Spain

➡️ Introduced mammals in Spain

➡️ Bats of Spain (many photographs of Iberian bats are needed. You can contact here if you want to contribute some or know someone. The same for rodents and cetaceans 🙏)

➡️ Mustelids of Spain

➡️ Hares and rabbits of Spain

➡️ Primates of the Iberian Peninsula

➡️ Mammals of Catalonia

➡️ Mammals of the Sierra de Guadarrama

✋ If you want a list/group about the species of birds, amphibians or reptiles in a specific area of ​​the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, get in touch indicating the species to be added and will include Sparrou so you can refer to it and play all the games only with those specific species.

🙏 Your help is needed!

If you would like to collaborate with Sparrou and support the project, the easiest way is with your usual online purchases. I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you than the price you would normally pay. All information here.

Help is also sought to collect more photographs and audios of various species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. If you want to help, you can send your material directly from here.

Finally, enjoy Sparrou and the community that is being created on the Telegram and WhatsApp channels, and don't forget to share the project in your circles to give away environmental education. Thank you for creating a more nature-conscious world! 💚

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