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List of warblers that can be seen and observed in Spain (Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands)

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Western orphean warbler (Curruca hortensis)

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  • Curruca balearica ESP Curruca balear ENG Balearic warbler CAT Tallareta balear GAL Papuxa balear EUS Txinbo balearra FRA Fauvette des Baléares DEU Balearengrasmücke
  • Curruca hortensis ESP Curruca mirlona occidental ENG Western orphean warbler CAT Tallarol emmascarat GAL Papuxa real occidental EUS Zozo-txinboa AST Xiblata FRA Fauvette orphée POR Toutinegra-real
  • Curruca iberiae ESP Curruca carrasqueña occidental ENG Western subalpine warbler CAT Tallarol de garriga occidental GAL Papuxa carrasqueira EUS Txinbo papargorrizta iberiarra AST Papuda roxa FRA Fauvette passerinette POR Toutinegra-de-bigodes DEU Iberien-Bartgrasmücke
  • Sylvia atricapilla ESP Curruca capirotada ENG Eurasian blackcap CAT Tallarol de casquet GAL Papuxa das amoras EUS Txinbo kaskabeltza AST Papuda gorreta FRA Fauvette à tête noire POR Toutinegra DEU Mönchsgrasmücke ITA Capinera
  • Curruca melanocephala ESP Curruca cabecinegra ENG Sardinian warbler CAT Tallarol capnegre GAL Papuxa cabecinegra EUS Txinbo burubeltza AST Papuda de la tiesta prieta FRA Fauvette mélanocéphale POR Toutinegra-de-cabeça-preta DEU Samtkopf-Grasmücke ITA Occhiocotto