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Major changes

  • A tutorial has been created that explains how to install Sparrou on your Apple iOS device (iPhone and iPad). You can consult it HERE.
  • Buttons have been added to download the app Sparrou for Android and to iOS (iPhone and iPad) in the footer and in the brown bar at the top.
  • Improved the design of unturned cards in the Memory Visual game by adding a “?” and a color change of the background. You can try and play HERE. I hope you like it!
  • The online businesses with which to collaborate with have been reviewed Sparrou. You only have to access these businesses from the links HERE and when you make your purchase you will donate a little to Sparrou (totally free for you and a great help for the expenses of this project).
  • It has been possible to stop for now the bots that were registering users and overloading the server, potentially causing security problems. More and more layers of cybersecurity must be added to the website. Sparrou as the project grows. For now they are free methods, but soon we will have to look for paid solutions. Remember that you can help in several ways.

🙏 Your help is needed!

Working together with Sparrou at no cost to you when you book your accommodation through Booking from this link. It's the easiest way to help me create more games and content without having to place advertising or paid content. This project is managed by a single person and some income is necessary to be able to dedicate all the time and affection possible to it. Thank you for your support! 💚

Other online businesses with which to help Sparrou for FREE

New listings/groups created

➡️ Mammals of Andalusia

➡️ Bats of Galicia

➡️ Shearwaters of Spain

➡️ Birds of the Las Tablas de Daimiel

➡️ Amphibians of the Las Tablas de Daimiel

➡️ Reptiles of the Las Tablas de Daimiel

➡️ Mammals of the Las Tablas de Daimiel

➡️ Birds of Cap de Creus

➡️ Amphibians of Cap de Creus

➡️ Reptiles of Cap de Creus

➡️ Birds of Andorra

➡️ Amphibians of Andorra

➡️ Reptiles of Andorra

➡️ Mammals of Andorra

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In the recently improved Telegram community, in addition to knowing the new news before anyone else and participating in surveys about the future of Sparrou As in the WhatsApp community, you can also upload your photos of animals so that we can help you identify the species, among other nature-related topics.

➡️ Join the Telegram community! (In Spanish)


Lastly, enjoy Sparrou and don't forget to share it in your circles to give away environmental education. Thank you for creating a more nature-conscious world! 💚

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