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Guess who sings

All the birds that can be seen in the Valencian Community, which includes the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, in eastern Spain

You have guessed the correct option:

Long-eared owl (Asio otus)

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Listen to this audio first:

Recorded by Javier García Sáez

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  • Pyrrhula pyrrhula ESP Camachuelo común ENG Eurasian bullfinch CAT Pinsà borroner GAL Cardeal EUS Gailupa FRA Bouvreuil pivoine POR Dom-fafe DEU Gimpel ITA Ciuffolotto
  • Dryobates minor ESP Pico menor ENG Lesser spotted woodpecker CAT Picot garser petit GAL Picapau pequeno EUS Okil txikia AST Piquetín FRA Pic épeichette DEU Kleinspecht ITA Picchio rosso minore
  • Asio otus ESP Búho chico ENG Long-eared owl CAT Mussol banyut GAL Bufo pequeno EUS Hontz ertaina AST Curuxa cabrera FRA Hibou moyen-duc POR Coruja-pequena DEU Waldohreule ITA Gufo comune
  • Ficedula parva ESP Papamoscas papirrojo ENG Red-breasted flycatcher CAT Papamosques menut GAL Papamoscas real EUS Euli-txori papargorria AST Mosqueru nanu FRA Gobemouche nain POR Papa-moscas-pequeno DEU Zwergschnäpper
  • Curruca communis ESP Curruca zarcera ENG Common whitethroat CAT Tallareta comuna GAL Papuxa común EUS Sasi-txinboa AST Papoxa FRA Fauvette grisette POR Papa-amoras-comum DEU Dorngrasmücke