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Guess who sings

Parrots and parakeets that can be seen and heard in Barcelona. Exotic birds that arrived as pets, but after escaping they are already part of the avifauna of the city

You have guessed the correct option:

Ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri)

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Listen to this audio first:

Recorded by José Carlos Sires

What species is it? Click on the correct option!

  • Psittacula krameri ESP Cotorra de Kramer ENG Ring-necked parakeet CAT Cotorra de Kramer GAL Cotorra de Kramer FRA Perruche à collier POR Periquito-de-colar DEU Halsbandsittich ITA Parrocchetto dal collare
  • Thectocercus acuticaudatus ESP Aratinga cabeciazul ENG Blue-crowned parakeet CAT Aratinga capblava GAL Cotorra de cabeza azul FRA Conure à tête bleue POR Aratinga-de-testa-azul DEU Spitzschwanzsittich ITA Conuro capoazzurro
  • Psittacara mitratus ESP Aratinga mitrada ENG Mitred parakeet CAT Aratinga mitrada FRA Conure mitrée POR Periquitão-mitrado DEU Rotmaskensittich ITA Parrocchetto mitrato
  • Myiopsitta monachus ESP Cotorra argentina ENG Monk parakeet CAT Cotorreta de pit gris GAL Cata da Argentina EUS Papagai argentinarra FRA Conure veuve POR Caturrita DEU Mönchssittich ITA Parrocchetto monaco