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Guess who sings

Pigeons and doves (columbiformes) that can be seen and observed in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands

You have guessed the correct option:

European turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur)

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Listen to this audio first:

Recorded by Esperanza Poveda

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  • Columba palumbus ESP Paloma torcaz ENG Common woodpigeon CAT Tudó GAL Pombo torcaz EUS Pagausoa AST Palombu bravu FRA Pigeon ramier POR Pombo-torcaz DEU Ringeltaube ITA Colombaccio
  • Columba livia ESP Paloma bravía ENG Rock dove CAT Colom roquer GAL Pomba das rochas EUS Haitz-usoa AST Palomba FRA Pigeon biset POR Pombo-comum DEU Felsentaube ITA Piccione selvatico occidentale
  • Streptopelia turtur ESP Tórtola europea ENG European turtle dove CAT Tórtora eurasiàtica GAL Rula común EUS Usapala AST Rulla FRA Tourterelle des bois POR Rola-comum DEU Turteltaube ITA Tortora selvatica
  • Streptopelia decaocto ESP Tórtola turca ENG Eurasian collared dove CAT Tórtora turca GAL Rula turca EUS Usapal turkiarra AST Rulla turca FRA Tourterelle turque POR Rola-turca DEU Türkentaube ITA Tortora dal collare
  • Columba oenas ESP Paloma zurita ENG Stock dove CAT Xixella GAL Pomba seixa EUS Txoloma AST Palomba montés FRA Pigeon colombin POR Pombo-bravo DEU Hohltaube ITA Colombella